Back to Ceramics, my first love!

As a ceramic artist at Rhode Island School of Design I built large hand built sculpture. Then, in 1978, my ideas starting flowing on a smaller scale, to making porcelain jewelry. I created original colored porcelain jewelry, which sold nationwide in galleries, museum stores, gift stores, department stores, and art &craft shows.

I spent years adding other jewelry skills to my tool belt, and now I am back to my first love, Ceramics! I have a passion especially for Raku! The metallic iridescence and intense colors of Raku take my breath away! I also love to make organic raku wall pieces and home décor. I like to work with soft slabs to create organic clay gestures that show movement, flow, and immediacy. Many of my pieces feel like they are from the sea.

I am truly at home with clay and creating things with my hands. I hope you enjoy my raku art as much as I enjoy making it!!

My Creative Process:
I make each piece of raku by hand, using a smooth white porcelain or stoneware. Once dry, the pieces are bisque fired to make them strong enough to handle. They receive several hand painted coats of raku glaze, and are then fast fired in my outdoor propane kiln.

Western Raku:
“The magic happens in the can!” When the kiln temperature kiln reaches yellow/orange hot (about 1865 F), I quickly pull the hot, glowing pieces from the kiln with long tongs, and place them directly in a metal can filled with combustibles (paper, sawdust). Fire ignites immediately (!!!), followed by covering the can with an airtight lid. Flames lick over the pieces in the can in search of oxygen to keep burning. In doing so, it changes the glaze formula and creates flashes of metallic oxides on the surface of the glaze. An amazing range of colors iridescent colors can result and cannot be duplicated, making all raku One-of-a-Kind!

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